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次に少し距離を長くして(2mちょっと)同じ練習。これが。。。あああ。。。全然ダメ😭 私、まっすぐ打ててないようで、あらぬ方向へ転がっていきます。10球連続はとうてい無理_| ̄|○なので、ひとまず5球連続を目標に。もくもくと打ち続けて、、、、打ち続けて、、、、なんとかクリア😭難しい



Rickieもミラーを使ったりしてるんですね(> <)

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How do you #PracticeWithPix ?? • The first picture will give you a POV of where I am at set up…I can’t see my left eye or nose as they get covered up by the ball and putter head…my right eye is behind the putter and just under the line/just inside the middle of the ball • Birdseye video will be a little distorted because of the angle not being from my eyes but gives you a rough idea if you were to imagine the ball being about 2 inches up on the black line…one of the things I focus on throughout the stroke is where I’m looking…I look at the ground behind the ball and don’t move my eyes until the ball has rolled a couple feet…one way I like to work on my eyes staying still is putting a dime behind the ball as if it was your ball marker…hit putts while keeping your eyes on the dime…this helps with releasing the putter naturally and not looking up toward the hole causing you to push/pull/guide it • Face on…after checking things on the mirror it’s time to hit some putts without it…first when I come in to set up to a putt I always walk in and set the putter in first with my right hand (unless I’m working on something that is off) this helps promote a consistent set up…don’t dictate where the putter has to go let the putter dictate where you stand…second when the putter is swinging properly I like to see the butt of the grip point back in a very similar spot throughout the stroke which for me is just left of my bellybutton • Down the line…you’ll see it’s a pretty relaxed position at set up…slight bend in the knees and even weight distribution…one thing I like to see here is a little bit of my left forearm vs being hidden by my right one and then the shaft and forearms being on the same plane • The last couple videos it’s just fun to watch the @taylormadegolf #TP5pix roll…if the things above aren’t done properly the ball will give you quick feedback…how do you #PracticeWithPix ?

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